Things that You Should Do Upon Entering Your Recently Flooded Home 

Most of us have experienced flooding a couple or many times in our life. The flood may have been caused by a mild storm, a hurricane, or even as simple as a broken water pipe. But whatever is the cause of the flooding, we know from experience how much a hassle and stressful situation it is, to deal with our losses and also on restoring the condition of our home.  

If you are fearing that there is a coming storm to your place or if you just want to be prepared in case an unexpected flooding comes, I will help you by sharing my knowledge. Here are the things that you should do upon entering you’re recently flooded home.  

Flooded Home 

Safety First 

When flood water enters our home, it destroys things that can be broken. That is why you have to wear protective clothing like rubber boots and gloves. This way you will not receive a cut from stepping or handling something sharp, and your feet and hands would not get muddied up. Hard hats would also be convenient in this circumstance, you will never know if parts of your ceiling would come down or your chandelier or other things that are attached at the top would fall off.  

Aside from protecting your skin, you also have to protect your lungs. When there is something broken, something would definitely come out of it, and this includes harmful chemicals. Guard yourself against these chemicals and also from viruses by wearing a protective mask. 

What you Need to Prepare 

Aside from wearing the appropriate clothing, entering youre recently flooded home would require you to bring several needed things. One of the things that you will need the most is a flashlight. When an area is flooded, the chance is that the electricity would go down and you will not have a source of light inside your house. Do not by any chance try to light a room with a match or any fire, because your gas lines may have been broken and you might just start a fire. In case of getting cut by shards of broken glass, bring a first aid kit that contains bandages, alcohol, and other wound cleaning products.  

Upon entering your home, you would discover a lot of broken and now useless things because of the flood. Better bring plastic trash bags to immediately consolidate the broken from the still functional. Getting rid of these things would make things easier for you in moving forward. 

On cleaning 

Naturally, you will have the urge of cleaning your place. The flood would bring in a lot of dirt and would leave your interiors with mud. On cleaning, you have to prepare hoses to drive out dirty mud, and then mops, sprayers, broom, disinfectant cleaning products.  

A flood, however, is very stressing not only physically but also emotionally, which can leave you feeling drained. To restore the good condition of your house, you might want to hire excellent restoration company like Annapolis water damage restoration.